Anchorage Car Title Loan Process

If you are looking to get cash fast, Car Title Loans Anchorage is the company for you! You can call our loan agents now at (855) 982-2993 to get pre-apprvoed over the phone or submit an online application and we will text you back with the amount you can borrow.

We now have a local office in Wasilla, Alaska!

No credit checks are done. Even if you have bad credit or bankruptcy, give Car Title Loan Anchorage a call.

Once you are approved, your loan agent will go over the monthly payments, payment due dates, contract terms and interest rate with you. Your loan agent is your point of contact until the loan is completed. You can text her any questions that come up or ask her how the loan is progressing.

Coming into our Anchorage or Wasilla Office

Once the loan has been approved your loan agent will set you up with an appointment to come into the Car Title Loan Anchorage office. She will let you know what documents you need to bring with you. This normally is:

  • Title
  • Driver's License
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Income
  • Utility Bill

The loan contract will be at the office for you to sign. The Anchorage Alaska office will also preform a quick inspection of the vehicle and take some pictures.

Getting the CASH

Once everything is completed, Car Title Loan Anchorage will deposit money directly into your bank account or mail you a check.

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